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My name is Sachit, traditionally pronounced Suh-chith. I was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, and have since jumped between Nashville, DC, and now San Francisco. I enjoy writing about musings in life and tech, experimenting with new hot sauces (a current favorite here), and binging Youtube Short food-fluencers.



I work at Retool on the go-to-market team. I began as a Deployed Engineer to support some of our largest customers, and have since shifted into our Scale tier to help build out a motion for the ‘long-tail’ of smaller teams. I’ve spent a majority of my time thinking about internal systems for growth, writing technical and operational guides, and working with our amazing builders. If any of these areas are interesting, reach out!

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A compilation of the areas that I’ve done some writing, thinking, or research on.

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A Personal Newsletter I wrote for a year during quarantine.

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Training for Completed my first half-marathon!

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