Hi! I’m Sachit👋

Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet.


Personal 👨🏾‍💻

My name is Sachit Bhat. I’m an engineer by day but generally enjoy exploring new products, discussing startups, and writing online. This is a living site that aims to capture some of my interests and updates in life. I currently live in San Francisco.

Work 🚀

I’m a deployed engineer at Retool, where I help with customer success, strategy, and product. I studied computer science and economics at Vanderbilt University, and have experiences ranging from venture investing to software engineering to product building.

The SB Deep Dive

A compilation of the areas that I’ve done some writing, thinking, or research on.

3MinSB 📓

A Personal Newsletter I wrote for a year during quarantine.

Medium ✍🏾

Writing on work, systems, and tech.

LinkedIn 💼

The beautified, skimmed-down version of Sachit.

Product Hunt 📱

A collection of products and tools I’ve played with.

Village 👥

Community knowledge sharing network.

Strava 👟

Training for Completed my first half-marathon!

Music 🎧

Instrumental EDM, progressive house, Bollywood

Reading 📚

Startups, philosophy, economics

YourStack 🥞

Life’s operating stack.

Reading Wishlist 💭

Wishlist of books :)

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