Issue #1

Issue #1

Hello world and welcome! Before I get into the core content, a bit of background on this newsletter:

A few months back I began to feel a sense of isolation among remote friends, family, and peers. I had started a new job a few months before and quickly realized the difficulties in staying in touch with those close to me. The process of finding and setting time to chat, making the call, getting beyond the basics of ‘how’s life’, and finding conversation pieces that were of mutual interest began to overwhelm me. The majority of the social sites we use today capture a sense of those updates that I am so interested in, yet have transformed into a canvas for boasting about accomplishments and progressions rather than personal feelings on life and opinion. I believe we deserve a place to share more freely with those we care about, and allow for conversations that stem from common interests or even differences in thought.

I began to spend more time thinking about a platform that would support this type of interaction, and the core use cases for different parties. The idea and problem continue to weigh on me, and while I work on determining the solution space, I figured that I would go forward with my own solution for myself - a personal weekly newsletter. When I first began to realize the problem, I was also finding my routine and following some other newsletters with relevant content (including Tim Ferriss’ 5-Bullet Friday). His newsletter inspired me, both due to its simplicity and accessibility. Rather than summing up news and reports that could be found anywhere, he dove into his own life - quotes he’s been pondering, people he is interested in, conversations he’s had - all coming from the last week. I am a fairly curious guy and am always looking into new things, from software products to random articles. I thought the best way to share this would be through weekly newsletters, which I plan to keep concise and targeted. They will simply recap a few tidbits of my life from the last week, whether that be a new recipe I tried or a new concept I found.

My inspiration for this newsletter is twofold - in addition to providing (hopefully) some interesting content to those close to me, it will also push me to continue exploring, as well as getting me back into writing.Finally, for the title: I came up with this on a whim because I wanted to rhyme. Yet the goal is to keep these updates short. I will be posting links to external content which will take more time to read/watch/learn about, but my updates should take no more than 3 minutes to skim. If you have any recommendations for name changes lmk because I’m not creative.My mantra for the last few months has been to 'share more truth’. I feel that the majority of the content online doesn’t contain genuine authenticity or capture the menial parts of our day to day. I hope that you enjoy the pieces of my life as much as I do! Without further ado, my bullets from this past week:

  1. What I’m Reading: Second In Command: The Misunderstood Role of the Chief Operating Officer. I’d heard many amazing things about Sheryl Sandberg and her work as COO of Facebook, but it wasn’t until this article that I could put some more context to her role and relation to the company/Zuck. Great article that breaks down the many parts of a successful COO.
  2. What I’m watching: Interview with Sam Altman, a John Burroughs Alum and former president of YC combinator. He’s done some great things and has some insightful outlooks on life and what to pursue.
  3. What I’m listening to: When I post music, I’ll try to keep it diverse. I’m going to start with something a little different: Two Skies by Dirk Maasen. This song came up on my discover weekly and I was hooked in the same way I was hooked to River Flows in You by Yiruma. Simple but powerful.
  4. Product I’m Using: I’ve been very into Old Fashioneds lately, but not the $13 price tag at most bars. I started making them at home, but realized my ice was quickly melting. I found some cheap and effective ice molds on amazon that did the trick.

Again, please let me know of any pieces that you would like to see or content that you would recommend I look into and potentially share!