Jan 2022

Issue 0 of n!

After closing the loop on my initial personal newsletter back in 2020, focus shifted to finding a new job, moving to a new city, and starting to re-lay roots in what might be a candidate for longer term settling down.

I spent multiple months musing on what the next writing project would look like, the medium I’d use, and goals for the project.

I don’t think my interests have shifted much since my last newsletter, but my appetite and capacity for writing has slowed drastically. I’m excited to share updates in a monthly format and capture my life more granularly

Goals for this year

  • put an app out in public.
    • specifically build it, scope it, and see if i like it. I think that’
  • go to japan
  • Be able to do 25 perfect pull ups in a row
  • do more music stuff

Where my head’s been

  • New Products
    • It’s rare to find a product that unlocks entirely new ways of thinking and opportunity in the world. ther
  • Soccer
    • There were more watchers in